ShaMaran Petroleum Corp. (“ShaMaran” or the “Company”) believes in the importance of a sensible Environment, Social and Governance (“ESG”) policy for all its business dealings and commits this statement to all its stakeholders and potential future investors. For more details please see the complete ESG policy statement


The Company has been actively involved in Exploration and Production activities since 2009. From its inception, the Company has believed, and continues to believe, in protecting and safeguarding the Environment in all business decisions.


The Company is committed to making a positive difference to the communities wherever it conducts business and strives to be a partner of choice in the communities where it lives, with a strong commitment to optimising local content.


The Company commits to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct from our employees, directors and officers, all of whom must conduct themselves in accordance with the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code”). The Company also requires agents, representatives and consultants to follow the Code. The Company equally commits to fully comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions where it conducts business.

The Company has a Board of Directors that is annually elected by its shareholders to manage and oversee its business. Since its inception the Company has followed a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, a Corporate Disclosure Policy, and an Internal Employee Alert Policy which were all adopted by the Company to ensure proper and transparent corporate governance.

The Company is listed on the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange and the Swedish Nasdaq First North Growth Market in both exchanges under the symbol “SNM” and operates in full compliance with the rules and regulations of such stock exchanges.

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